For US Healthcare Professionals

For US Healthcare Professionals


Take a look below for resources and videos made just for the retinal community.

Take a look below for resources and videos made just for the retinal community.

Welcome to Eye Travel Systems 2.0

Experience a journey like no other as we discover how VEGF and Ang-2 drive DME and nAMD.

Take an Even Closer Look at Vascular Instability

Genentech has partnered with The Angiogenesis Foundation, a nonprofit organization and the world’s leading expert in angiogenesis and angiogenesis-dependent diseases (including retinal diseases), to develop a resource that’s tailored for the retinal community. 

Download this infographic for an illustrative and detailed depiction of the role Ang-2 plays in vascular instability.

Infographic that depicts the role Ang-2 plays in vascular instability

The EyeTube Video Series: Expert Perspective

Featuring your peers from the retinal science community.

We’re setting our sights on what’s possible in retinal science—together

The landscape of retinal science is changing, especially in terms of how we approach multifactorial diseases. 

At Genentech, we are driven by the same goals as you—to preserve and protect every patient’s vision. This is why we consider your input invaluable in helping us continue to develop innovations and improvements in retinal science.

Every innovation begins with vision.

Ang-2=angiopoietin-2; DME=diabetic macular edema; nAMD=neovascular age-related macular degeneration; VEGF=vascular endothelial growth factor.